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Aesthetic Dentures

A common association when people think of Dentures is the ‘old false teeth’ that look nothing like real teeth or a real smile. Cosmetic Dentures are the solution to all those misconceptions.

Let the team at Dentex create that unique and customized smile to build your confidence. Allow us to help you design a smile that is as close to your original and natural smile as possible.

Why choose Cosmetic dentures?

Choosing a Cosmetic Denture means you can customize your own smile. Features and options for a Cosmetic Denture that will give you a unique look include:

  • Colour of the teeth. Choose your own shade, tone and colour of teeth that will be used for your Denture.
  • Colour of the tissue. Make it as natural as possible with the colour of the acrylic that will create the ‘tissue’ of the Denture.
  • Gold or jewels on selected teeth.
  • Gaps in teeth that you had in your original smile.
  • Layout of teeth. Have the straightest of teeth or crossed over. You can choose how perfect you want your smile to be.
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Thank you for giving me my new smile.

Spyros G.

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Choose Dentex for your dentures in Sydney

With each of our prosthetics created in our private laboratories, you can trust Dentex for a quality set of dentures in Sydney. We work hard to make your options as affordable as possible and even offer payment plans to help you make sure your denture cost in Sydney isn’t breaking the bank. Each set of dentures we construct is designed to look completely realistic and to fit your mouth comfortably for everyday use. By tinting your dentures to perfectly match your colouring, we can promise a fantastic aesthetic outcome.

Book online for a free consultation at one of our many locations across Sydney today and see how a set of full dentures can be the solution you have been searching for.

Why Choose Dentex

  • Free Initial Consultations
    A free consultation is available, call now to make your appointment at either Hurlstone Park or Rockdale.
  • 10% Discount for pensioners and concession card Holders
    Take advantage of our 10% discount for pensioners and concession card holders.
  • Free Denture checks
    Do you have some concerns or questions about your dentures?
    Call now to make your appointment and have your dentures checked.

  • Retirement village and home visit onsite treatment available
    If you cannot make it to our offices in Hurlstone Park or Rockdale we can visit you at your location.
  • Free denture cleaning kit for every new denture
    We provide you with everything you need to keep your dentures in tip top condition.