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Implant Retained Dentures in Sydney

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When choosing a denture it is important to understand the structure of your mouth. If you suffer from any sensitivities in your mouth when it comes to dentures such as discomfort or a gag like reflex feeling, then maybe implant retained dentures are for you.

  • An implant retained denture is much like a conventional denture with an attachment that holds it into place.
  • A simple example includes a lower denture that is secured by two implants. Implant retained dentures can also be made for a full upper denture.
  • A full upper denture covers the entire palate allowing for a secure fit. This style of denture is sometimes preferred by patients due to its advantages of comfort, easier eating ability and confidence in its fit.

Implant dentures provide you with greater stability than conventional dentures. A dental surgeon will need to attach the implants into your upper or lower jaw, then the implant retained denture is made to attach via precision attachments.

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