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Whether you are a professional athlete or enjoy playing sport as a hobby, it is always important to protect your teeth!

Does your child participate in a vigorous sport that requires a good, solid and well fitted mouthguard?

Our team at Dentex can create a safe and reliable custom mouthguard for you or your family that will help in the prevention of injury and damage to your teeth.

How can we help prevent injury and impact?

Our team creates high quality and durable mouth guards that are two layers or three layers depending on your required level of protection.

A two layered mouth guard is ideal for sports that are not as vigorous or high impact while still providing maximum protection.

Three layered mouth guards are recommended for sports or activities that are high impact and physical. The extra layer of material allows for added protection.

A custom fitted mouthguard from Dentex Dental will:
  • Help prevent damage and impact to your teeth if you are involved in a highly physical sport or activity.
  • Stay firmly fitted in your mouth during high impact movements.
  • Allow normal patterns of speaking
  • Not limit your breathing or cause a gag-like reflex
  • Be reliable and comfortable to wear
  • Be easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Not leave any odours, tastes or discomfort in your mouth.
Our custom fitting mouthguards at Dentex also allow you to choose:
  • Any colours you want on the mouthguard
  • Labels on the mouth guard such as names or company, team names.
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