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Flexible Dentures in Sydney

Flexible dentures are available as an alternative to rigid dentures. The difference is in the material being used to create your denture. This flexible material is just as effective but does not hinder your ability to eat.

Flexible dentures are suggested when the patient is faced with discomfort that cannot be helped or fixed through a standard reline. They are made using a special flexible resin that allows you to chew properly without your gums being rubbed and chafed.

Advantages of choosing a flexible denture:

  • The material is more translucent picking up the natural tissue tones of your gums helping it become aesthetically advantageous.
  • The material is strong and flexible.
  • There are no visible clasps, creating another aesthetic advantage.
  • The material used is less likely to cause sore spots on your gums.

If flexible dentures sound like they are for you, please don’t hesitate to ask our team about this option.

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How to care for flexible partial dentures?

Taking care of flexible dentures is a relatively simple process. Whenever they are not being worn, your dental flexible dentures should be soaked in water which will help to keep the surface of the dentures hydrated for the longest possible lifespan. You should never try to use any kind of abrasive cleaners on your dentures as they can be damaging to the materials we use in production. Bleaches and whiteners can cause discolouration of your dentures, so you should only ever use an approved denture solution to avoid any unnecessary damage to your dentures.

How much are flexible dentures?

The flexible dentures cost with Dentex Dental is relatively affordable for a product that will keep your smile radiant and your gums healthy for the longest possible time. We offer a great selection of payment plans to help you balance your flexible dentures cost which has resulted in many happy customers from Dentex dental over the years. For flexible dentures in Sydney that you can afford, look no further than Dentex Dental.

How to clean flexible dentures?

Brushing flexible dentures is not like brushing your regular teeth as it can remove the polish and roughen the surface of the denture. Dental flexible dentures should be soaked in the appropriate solution for at least 10-15 minutes every day or overnight at least 3 times per week. You should never put your dentures in the dishwasher or use the microwave or any boiling water to clean them as this can damage the surface. Regular dental checkups are recommended for anyone with flexible dentures to ensure that the unit remains in good condition and any issues can be addressed straight away.

How do you clean flexible dentures?

After you eat, you should remove your flexible dentures and rinse them under running water to remove any remaining food particles which can cause damage to both your gums and your dentures over time. The cleaner you keep your dentures, the longer they will last. Your dentures should always be removed before cleaning your natural teeth or using any kind of mouthwash. You can purchase sonic denture cleaners which are suitable for flexible dentures or you can simply follow the soaking guidelines to ensure that your Dentex flexible dentures remain clean and sanitary.

How much are flexible partial dentures?

If you have been wondering “where can I get flexible dentures near me?” then Dentex Dental is the answer — whether it is a partial or a full flexible denture solution you are seeking. The flexible dentures cost can vary depending on how many teeth you need to replace in your smile. For a full assessment together with a quote, contact us today for the best flexible dentures in Sydney.

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With each of our prosthetics created in our private laboratories, you can trust Dentex for a quality set of dentures in Sydney. We work hard to make your options as affordable as possible and even offer payment plans to help you make sure your denture cost in Sydney isn’t breaking the bank. Each set of dentures we construct is designed to look completely realistic and to fit your mouth comfortably for everyday use. By tinting your dentures to perfectly match your colouring, we can promise a fantastic aesthetic outcome.

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