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Losing adult teeth is a common occurrence, which can happen due to aging, tooth decay, injury, or disease. In this case, people seek ways to replace their missing teeth, and one option that many individuals consider is getting dentures. These are artificial teeth and gums created by your dentist to replace lost teeth. They are often custom designed for you, so they fit your mouth perfectly and match the existing teeth.

Dentists keep improving dentures to enhance function and fit, which results in the improved quality of patients’ lives. For this reason, you’ll find several kinds of dentures available, with implant-retained dentures being the most popular among clients. Unlike other varieties, dental implants—often titanium screws fixed in a patient’s jawbone—hold these dentures in place.

But are implant dentures better than regular dentures? Several factors make implant-retained dentures preferable to many patients. In this article, four benefits of dental implants will be discussed.

  1. They’re Stable

Conventional dentures are usually installed on top of a patient’s gum tissue and held in position by an adhesive or suction. Traditional dentures don’t usually provide an excellent experience to many clients because they easily slip and slide in their mouths, causing discomfort and making eating, biting, and speaking challenging.

Consequently, many patients prefer implant-retained dentures because they’re more stable than conventional ones. Dentists usually use two to four dental implants for the upper or lower jaw to hold the dentures in position. A few dental implants can hold your dentures in place because they are fixed in the thick parts of the jawbone.

  1. They Improve Chewing, Biting, And Speaking

Slipping and sliding dentures make eating difficult for many. In most cases, since biting and chewing have become challenging, many patients only consume soft foods.

Since implant-retained dentures are secure, they don’t slide or slip. This stability makes biting and chewing more manageable, so you no longer have to rely on soft foods alone. With implant-retained dentures, you can chew a crunchy apple, bite off the corn from a cob, and enjoy other hard, tough, or sticky foods.

Moving dentures can also make speaking difficult. Usually, conventional dentures can make pronouncing some words challenging, especially those with the ‘f’ and ‘s’ sounds. They can also produce clicking sounds, which can become irritable over time. Moreover, most patients experience increased saliva, leading to talking difficulties.

Implant-retained dentures make speaking much easier because they’re fixed in your mouth. This means you no longer need to worry about the artificial teeth sliding and slipping, mispronouncing sounds and words, having too much saliva, or speaking like you have a foreign object in your mouth. Overall, implant-retained dentures can make your speech better, boosting your confidence.

  1. They Look Like Natural Teeth

Implant-retained dentures are usually more natural looking than other varieties. This is because other types are fixed on the gum line while these are installed beneath it, secured by dental implants. This way, they appear more real, and other people can hardly differentiate them from natural teeth.

  1. They Keep The Jawbone Strong

Tooth loss can cause jawbone deterioration. The alveolar bone on the jaw typically supports adult teeth. In turn, it is stimulated by natural teeth through activities like biting and chewing, helping it to remain functional. However, when one loses permanent teeth, the alveolar bone is no longer stimulated and can break down. Since the body can’t use the bone anymore, deterioration or resorption of the bone can occur.

Implant-retained dentures can prevent jaw bone loss. This is because these prosthetic devices are secured in the jawbone with the help of dental implants. This means that dental implants replace teeth crowns and roots. This way, they can stimulate the alveolar bone, so it doesn’t deteriorate or go through resorption. Instead, it grows stronger.

Bone loss caused by absent teeth can distort a person’s facial appearance. However, since implant-retained dentures keep the jawbone strong, you can ensure that you’ll retain your facial structure and maintain a youthful appearance.

Final Thoughts 

Dentures are an excellent solution for the loss of adult teeth, and you can choose from several types available in the market. It’s common to find that implant-retained dentures are preferable for many patients.

As discussed, many people may choose implant-retained dentures because they’re stable; improve chewing, biting, and speaking; look more natural; and keep the jawbone strong. So, if you’d like to consider dentures as a solution for teeth loss but aren’t sure which type to pick, it may be best to go for the implant-retained option.