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Different teeth problems, particularly teeth loss, have a significant impact on one’s confidence and jawbone health. Not only are you unable to smile freely, eating and talking can also become an issue. Jawbone deterioration occurs when you extract an adult tooth or two without replacing them.

Teeth are crucial for jawbone stimulation; hence, their absence may cause serious concerns. Soon the body may start to react like it no longer requires the jawbone, causing jaw resorption. Resorption results in facial collapse and weakened facial muscles.

Nevertheless, oral health solutions such as fitting dentures when you lose or extract your teeth can be helpful in preventing jaw resorption and the like. This helps to keep your jaw, mouth, and facial structure intact.  

What Are Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic or false teeth that a professional dentist fits into your mouth in case of teeth loss. You can lose your teeth from an injury, gum disease, tooth decay, and the like. Some dentures are fixed permanently while others are removable. But either way, dentures are among the long-term solutions for lost teeth. But as with any other medical device, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to have your dentures repaired.

What Is Denture Repair

Denture repair is the fixing of damaged dentures. Skilled technicians in dental laboratories do it. However, a technician repairs them under the instructions of a dentist. A thorough inspection is needed before a dental practitioner can recommend a list of necessary repairs. 

There are many local places you can get denture repairs and other related services. You can have them fixed by conducting an online search for dental mechanics near me. Experts advise patients to seek out nearby professionals and offices to ensure a speedy resolution to their denture problems.

How Dentures Get Damaged

Dentures are made from strong materials designed to last for many years. However, like any other material, they’re also prone to everyday wear and tear that may cause them to weaken. This happens even with proper denture care.

In addition, your jawbone changes as you age can cause the denture not to fit as well as it should. Even minor issues like a tooth or two breaking off or popping out of your dentures will impact how it fits your mouth, making it uncomfortable to wear. These factors may cause damage to your pair of dentures and warrant repairs as soon as possible.

 A search for dental repairs near me can bring up dental labs in your locality where you can find professional help with your denture issues. Common denture damages including a cracked denture base, tooth, or broken partial denture clasps can all be fixed by a dental lab. 

Types Of Denture Repairs

Some dentures require significant repairs while others only need some minor work done. Look at the main types of repairs you might get from dental labs for your pair of dentures and what you need to know about each one.

  • Denture Realigning

Denture realignment is all about repairing the fit of the dentures. Sometimes, you might notice that your dentures no longer feel comfortable to wear as they used to be. In some cases, some patients report that their dentures become too big for them. Denture realigning is a common repair procedure done on your dentures to fix the mentioned issues. Realignment ensures that the dentures hold your gums and fit your mouth perfectly without sacrificing comfort.

  • Denture Rebasing

The denture’s base is the pink-colored area that mimics your gums. It’s believed to be the most important element of the denture. They’re responsible for holding the false teeth in place and fitting over your gums when you position the dentures in your mouth. Also, it’s prone to breaking hence the need for dentures rebasing from time to time. 

Denture rebasing involves setting up the teeth on an entirely new base to enable them to stay in the best possible position. The comfort that comes with a rebasing feels like a new denture and you can tell the difference right away. 

  • Denture adjustment

With time and age, your jaws and facial structure change. One of the most annoying consequences for people using dentures is that they may stop fitting very well to your mouth after a certain period of use. When you start to experience soreness on your gums, it’s probably caused by your dentures rubbing on your gums. This can be both painful and uncomfortable. 

With a fine search of a denture repair near me, you’ll be able to find a dental lab that carries out denture adjustment. This is the only way to fix dentures that need adjustment for them to fit you properly again. 

Conclusion Dentures can become necessary when you have teeth missing. They allow you to smile, eat, and talk normally. Even so, they’re prone to wear and tear, damage from accidental falling, or when you suffer a facial injury. Fortunately, dental labs exist to help with these repairs. All you need is an online search for denture repairs near me. Then, you can pick a company that can help in addressing your dental health woes.


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