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Do you have broken or malfunctioning dentures? If this is the case, emergency denture repairs are an excellent way to avoid the hassle of purchasing completely new dentures. The procedure entails repairing denture cracks, relining, repairing dental flippers, and mending broken partial clasps.

While a denture repair is beneficial, it also comes with certain disadvantages that you should be aware of. This article will outline all the pros and cons of an emergency denture repair, and help you analyze if the condition of your dentures is still worth repairing.


Let’s first talk about the benefits of electing an emergency denture repair procedure:

  • It Can Prevent You From Serious Medical Conditions

Because there is a strong link between your body and your oral health, acting quickly in cases involving your oral hygiene could save your life. Emergency denture repairs can help you avoid health problems associated with gum disease, such as stroke and heart disease.  Getting an emergency denture repair will save you the cost of dealing with these diseases, which could also help you save money in the long run.

You could also have an emergency denture repair to lessen the pain associated with the broken denture. It’s more likely that if your denture fractures, it will start pushing against your gums, causing more pain. Since your face muscles and joints are exposed to tension, this could result in a serious sequence of headaches and ear pain.

  • You Can Restore Your Smile In A Short Time

Having dentures is not just for maintaining good oral health, but it’s also for cosmetic purposes. It’s difficult to stay confident and socialize with other people if you’re missing a few front teeth. Hence, dentures can help restore your confidence and smile—allowing you to go about your day-to-day business without the fear of getting ridiculed.

When your dentures are broken, however, it may affect your appointments and other plans. You might not be confident to proceed to a business meeting, or you might even want to cancel a get-together with family and friends for the fear of being laughed at. Fortunately, an emergency denture repair can help you fix that problem within the day.

One thing about an emergency denture repair is that you can have them fixed within a day if there are no complications Many dentists provide same-day repair services if you really need it right away. You can’t always plan for medical emergencies, so call ahead to see if your dentist accepts same-day emergency denture repairs near me.

  • It’s Cheaper Than Denture Replacements

Getting an emergency denture repair is a cost-effective option. While acquiring permanent replacement teeth through denture implants can be almost as nice as having natural teeth, this procedure isn’t always affordable. Getting a new set of dentures is also costly. Emergency dentures are critical at this time since they are often less expensive. As a result, getting an emergency denture repair is a fantastic approach to keep your oral health while saving money.


While emergency denture repairs are certainly helpful in many situations, you also have to be aware of the possible disadvantages that come with it.

  • There’s No Guarantee That They Can Be Repaired

You should also keep in mind that there is no guarantee with the process, and your dentist will most likely use less expensive materials during repairs—unless you make other arrangements ahead of time. If the denture is beyond repair, you may be forced to get a full replacement. So, there’s a chance you’ll have to incur two expenses: one for a failed denture repair and the other for the purchase of new dentures.

  • Do-It-Yourself Projects May Exacerbate The Issue

Some people like to take matters into their own hands and try to repair dentures on their own—the do-it-yourself (DIY) way. However, this is not recommended since you’re not experienced and knowledgeable on how to repair dentures. You will only be putting yourself at more risk, and there’s a high probability that you will end up damaging the dentures or worsening its condition. Consequently, you will be forced to get replacements instead. DIY-ing denture repairs will only waste your money and time.


Oral health requires utmost attention, so it’s no surprise that you may find yourself at the doorstep of your dentist wanting your dentures to get fixed right away. But you must also understand that while emergency denture repairs can be useful in some situations, they do have their disadvantages as well. You should weigh these options carefully and decide if accepting the risks associated with such procedures is better and more cost-efficient for you.


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