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As people age, it’s only normal for them to experience dental issues. There are many contributing and underlying factors behind them: it could result from unhealthy food habits, poor dental hygiene, accidents, and many other reasons. However, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there’s now state-of-the-art dental technology that can improve your teeth’ aesthetics and quality. Heralded as prime examples are dentures and implants.

If you need to undergo the abovementioned dental treatments but want to know more about them, it’s only natural to be aware of how much the denture implants cost Australia services usually are. It’s said that numerous factors would influence the total cost. Read along and find out about them and how much you need to prepare for your finances when you finally decide to get a dental implant or dentures.  

Estimated Cost Of Dentures And A Dental Implant

Getting a pair of dentures, according to recent figures, is said to cost you up to AUD$ 4,000. Different dental offices will offer a variety of price ranges depending on your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to ask for relevant information to be able to make a sound decision.

Meanwhile, the cost of denture implants differs for each procedure, so they’re always given as a range. Price tags usually depend on the person’s implant needs and requirements. It’s said that placing a dental implant requires several steps. And with each procedure comes a different price range. But to shed some light on your curiosity at how much its estimated cost is, you’ll need to consider the following elements and services:

  • Dental examinations, X-ray, and 3D Imaging procedure – just shy AUD$400 and can go up to AUD$700 per service;
  • Teeth extraction (upon your dentist’s suggestion) – AUD$150 to AUD$250 per tooth;
  • Dental crown material type – price varies depending on the dental clinic and their available materials;
  • Fabrication of the implants – price will be discussed according to the dental implant materials and types; and
  • Installation – estimated cost per implant is around AUD$1,400 to AUD$2,000.

It’s worth noting that the price ranges of these services and procedures always depend on dental practice. Implants are considered a lifetime investment and their cost reflects that. It’s believed that the full denture implant cost is between AUD$2,800 to AUD$5,700. The final price may increase more depending on the number of teeth to be implanted. Overall, there’s no fixed or standard pricing for this procedure.

As mentioned, each individual comes with a unique situation, so everyone needs to get customized dental services. You may also need to factor in the location of your practitioner, as larger metropolitan areas tend to cost more for dental implants.

Factors Affecting Costs

While cost could be estimated, it’s best that you know more about the factors that influence their overall pricing. Consider the following:

  • Quality

Dentures come in many varieties of materials, and one of the choices you’ll have to make is what material to use for your replacement teeth. Some materials are stronger and built to last, while some implants focus on aesthetics to ensure to give you a glowing smile. Higher-quality dentures are said to last many decades if properly cared for.

  • Number Of Implants

Denture implants cost Australia is generally associated with each implant you require for full or partial dentures. Newer techniques may allow you to support your dentures with as few as four implants, but not everyone has enough jaw bone to handle their specific placements. Hence, a full denture could need as many as eight total implants.

You can compute the final cost by multiplying the price per implant by the number of total implants you need per your dentist.   

  • Types Of Implants

To determine your denture implants cost, your dentist will first discuss the type of implant you will use. A traditional implant is the most widely available, costs between AUD$1,400 to AUD$2,800, and provides the most secure position for complete dentures.

Lesser expensive alternatives today are called mini implants. They could start at AUD$700 per tooth and they’re best for people whose mouths can’t accommodate traditional implants. Although the latter is more cost-efficient, they’re said to be weaker than conventional implants.

  • Pre-Application Procedures

To regularly wear dentures, you’ll need to have your mouth prepared by a dentist. Before dental implants installation, the dentist will need to ensure the overall health of your gums, roots, and mouth. Some issues will need to be addressed before the actual dental implant procedures. Hence, you will need to prepare for such treatment separately. 


Various factors contribute to how much a full denture implant cost. These could be the quality, the number of implants, the type of implants, and the pre-application procedures that are needed to ensure the overall health of your teeth and gums. Try to sum up all the service fees and everything else, and you can expect to pay around AUD$4,200 and up for a successful dental implant procedure. At the end of the day, the high cost of denture implants outweighs the feeling of smiling confidently, looking more beautiful, eating well, and speaking more comfortably. Visit your dentist first and ask all the questions you want before undergoing the procedure.

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