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There’s no doubt that veterans have made quite a contribution and impact on Australian society. For this reason, the government is extending all efforts to make sure they’re appreciated and recognized. Among the several benefits and assistance that a veteran like you can avail of is the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold Card that allows you to access a range of support and services.

What Is A DVA Gold Card?

Also known as the Repatriation Health Card, the DVA Gold Card provides ex-servicemen and women with medical support and treatment for all conditions. In addition, eligible veterans can also avail themselves of discounts from participating Australian establishments and businesses. 

Suppose you’re at least 70 years old or above and have rendered qualifying service, with a disability pension, service pension, or a reservist who meets the required criteria. In that case, you may apply and start enjoying a range of DVA Gold Card benefits and concessions. Make sure to check the DVA’s official website for complete information, so you can also know what requirements to submit.

Key Benefits And Concessions To Know

When you already have your Gold Card, you surely wonder about the range of things and services you can enjoy with it. For your reference, below is a quick list of key benefits and concessions you can take advantage of using your Veteran Card:

  • Clinically-Required Medical Treatments

Among the most notable benefits of your Gold Card is access to a range of treatments for any medical condition you may have. As long as it’s clinically required, the treatment or procedure can be provided by either a specialist, general practitioner, an allied health professional, or an optical professional. The treatment can also be done at a hospital or day procedure facility, whichever may be available or depending on your preference.

As long as the provider or facility accepts your Veteran Gold Card, you’re good to go. The treatment will most likely be free, except if there are high-cost items that you need to pay out from your own pocket. Be sure to inform or ask beforehand if the facility accepts the card for your treatment. You may also need to provide a referral or prior approval from the DVA office. 

  • Dental Concessions

Different DVA card types are entitled to full concessions for necessary dental services if they meet clinical needs. Free dental services are among the key DVA Gold Card TPI benefits that you can expect. Procedures and services such as new full dentures, repairs, relines, partial dentures, and denture maintenance are included in the concession. Most clinics even offer to do the procedure at your most convenient location, whether in your home or a nursing home. 

  • Cost Of Living Concession

Eligible veterans and their families are entitled to receive the Cost-of-Living Concession. This means cardholders with fixed or low incomes will be provided with financial assistance to help with their living expenses, including energy, water, and gas bills, as well as council rates. You’ll receive the concession once a year, and it shall be paid directly to your bank account via electronic funds transfer. 

Other Essential Services And Support

Aside from medical treatments, you can also use your card to receive other essential services and support, including counselling, care services, and home help. If you need help or assistance when travelling to and from your medical appointments, the card can also be put to good use. You can also take advantage of mental health support and sessions, medications, and specialist treatments.

If you have a medical condition that requires frequent cooling and heating in the home to prevent the illness from worsening, you can avail yourself of the Medical Heating and Cooling Concession. This benefit is included in the list of DVA Gold Card benefits NSW for Australians who receive a low or fixed income and are clinically verified to have certain conditions that’ll require the said concession. The assistance will be given in addition to your existing energy concession.

As for goods and other services, you can expect various benefits and discounts from different businesses and stores participating in the program nationwide. This includes retail shopping, emergency services levy, funeral assistance, sewerage, land rates, residential parks scheme, travel and tours, car rental, and more. The list could go on and on, which will make you realize just how extensive the benefits and concessions that come with your DVA Gold Card are.

Final Words

No amount of discounts, free services, or benefits can equal the unique contribution and sacrifice you’ve made for the country as a veteran. It’s only fitting that the Australian government and people all work together in offering you these perks as a way of showing appreciation and gratefulness.  If you’re eligible to apply, get your DVA gold card as soon as you can so you can start enjoying these benefits and concessions. Or, if you already have one, it’s time you started making the most out of it by availing yourself of the services and privileges mentioned above.

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