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Snap in denture is a type of teeth replacement method suitable for people with missing teeth due to periodontal diseases, accidents, dental cavities, and others. Unlike traditional dentures that can easily slip out of your mouth, snap-in dentures are more flexible and stable. With the attachments that hold them into place, they’re more comfortable. You can have permanent or temporary ones.

However, this type of denture is priced differently for various reasons. This article outlines five factors that affect snap in dentures cost Australia. Read on for details.

  1. The method used to secure them

Implant dentures cost primarily depends on the method of securing them. Ideally, snap-in dentures rely on implants to secure them in your mouth. These implants are also known as orthodontic implants. They resemble posts and are surgically positioned into your jaw at particular locations to support the dentures. Generally, you can have two to four implants in one jaw.

After the implants are placed into your jaw, you’ll have to wait for two to six months to enable them to link with your bone, forming a robust anchor for the implant-supported dentures. After this, the dentures are clicked into place using the posts.

Sometimes, the orthodontic implants are attached to metal plates, where the dentures connect magnetically to stay in position. All these procedures elevate implant-supported dentures cost.

  • Quality of the materials

The most common materials used to make snap in dentures are:

  • Acrylic resin: This feathery material is easily mouldable in your mouth. This seamless adjustment makes it an easy fit and gives you much comfort. It’s mostly recommended for patients with bone loss as it puts slight pressure on the gums and jaw bone compared with porcelain. However, dentures from this material wear out quickly. Besides, they have microscopic indentations, which hide and grow bacteria perfectly if not well cleaned. 
  • Porcelain: Porcelain dentures are typically solid and durable. They have a more translucent and natural appearance as they can easily be colour-matched to your gum lines. Moreover, dentures made from this material are easy to clean and maintain as they have a hard surface where bacteria can’t survive.

These materials are of different qualities, all with distinctive properties. This dramatically affects dentures implants cost Australia. In essence, acrylic resin dentures are more cost-effective than porcelain ones.  

  • The need for additional procedures

Before your dentist places the implants into your jaws, they first determine if your jaw bone can support them. Sometimes, your jawbone may not be strong enough to handle this. If that’s the case, they may recommend additional procedures to achieve adequate gum and tissue density that incorporates the implants. These procedures include:

  • Bone augmentation: This is also called bone crafting. Usually, after being toothless for some time, the bones that support your teeth may start receding. Bone augmentation is essential to restore the strength of your bones. It enables the bone to blend into the dental implant and keep it safe. 
  • Sinus elevation: Placing dental implants in your upper jaw may be challenging. This is because you may not have sufficient bone quantity and quality here, and it’s near your sinus. A sinus lift or augmentation helps as it augments the number of bones in that area by adding bone in the gap between your premolars and molars. To achieve this, the sinus membrane has to be elevated, thus the name.
  • Ridge expansion: This is usually performed when you lack a wide-enough jaw to support implants. The ridge bone is split here, and the inner and outer bone segments are cleaved. This creates a space that can be filled with bone grafts.
  • The number of teeth to be replaced

Another crucial factor that affects implant dentures cost Australia is the number of teeth that need replacement. You may need complete teeth replacement, i.e., both the upper and lower jaws or only one-side jaw substitution. For the full replacement, the treatment cost is higher. This is because you require more implants compared with a single jaw.

  • Customisation of your denture

You may want your snap in dentures to look more natural. This prompts your dentist to handcraft more customised sets of dentures that match your teeth’ colours and the structure of your jaws. This can significantly take time and require a superior quality material, leading to a higher price.


Missing all teeth can significantly impact your daily activities. How you talk and smile changes drastically, lowering your self-esteem. The good thing is that, like all on 4 dental implants, snap in dentures give you a permanent solution. Once you get them, you can never be worried about them slipping out at any time.

With the above factors, you now understand why their cost varies in Australia. You’d want to visit any dental implant clinic near you for more inquiries. For instance, if you’re in Melbourne, you can visit High dental implant clinic and restore your smile and confidence.


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