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The teeth may be some of the sturdiest parts of your body, but they are frequently subjected to wear and tear. If not correctly cared for, your teeth might develop cavities, eventually leading to tooth loss. Certain health conditions, eating disorders, and old age can cause your teeth to get easily damaged and eventually fall off.

If you or a loved one is suffering from tooth loss, the first thing to do is look for a denture clinic Sydney has on its list of reputable practitioners. While online searches are easy, go beyond typing’ denture clinic near me’ and conduct actual visits.   

Hiring the best denture clinic in Sydney ensures you get the proper treatment for your condition. Check out this guide to seamlessly getting dentures at a dental clinic in the ‘Emerald City.’

  1. Book a dental appointment

To ensure you’re a good candidate for tooth replacement, you must see a dentist for a checkup. If you don’t have a dentist or have transferred to another place, use online or in-person recommendations and create a shortlist of three clinics. Take time to visit each one, and don’t base your decisions on the result from the ‘best denture clinic near me’ search on your browser.

Your dentist will look at your mouth and ask questions about your health and oral condition, objectives, and expectations. They will also look at your gums and see if any remaining teeth can serve as an attachment point for your dentures. Your facial structure will also be considered, particularly the distance between your chin, mouth, and nose.

  • The dentist will explain your options  

Experts at the facility will also discuss your choices based on the earlier evaluation. Depending on your condition, age, and lifestyle, the staff at the Sydney denture clinic of your choice will recommend any of the following options:

  • Removable dentures arethe most common choice. Patients with this oral appliance will have to remove them when they sleep.   
  • Implant dentures are the costlier option and are attached to your jaw, unlike removable ones.An implant-retained denture can still be removed and is often recommended when getting dentures to replace an entire upper or lower set. 
  • Complete dentures are likewise meant for patients who need full teeth replacement. Staff from a reputable Sydney denture clinic will recommend this for both aesthetic and functional reasons.   
  • Partial dentures are often the best choice for individuals with one or a few more natural teeth. These are used to replace the missing teeth and feature metal clasps on their edges. These clasps hold the false teeth in place after attaching them to the remaining natural teeth.

Dentures can also be made from either plastic, acrylic resin, or metal. Metal-based dentures are often meant for partial teeth replacements, while a complete set is usually made of acrylic resin. The oral specialist from the best denture clinic in Sydney will discuss the pros and cons of each option, including the best materials to use.

  • Getting a dental fitting

Once the best option for tooth replacement has been decided, a specialist from your chosen denture clinic will then proceed with the following:  

  • Creating a dental impression: Before getting dentures, the dentist will explain the procedure and discuss what to expect. After extracting any remaining teeth that may have to be removed, the oral specialist will make an impression on your mouth to get a good fit. Moreover, they’ll provide you with a few suggestions on how to keep yourself comfortable.
  • Processing your dentures: Your chosen professional from a Sydney denture clinic will work witha dental laboratory to make the denture. The dentist will ensure the final product has the right fit, shape, and colour.
  • Scheduling your initial denture fitting  

The staff will contact you for your first denture fitting. This is your chance to try and wear your false teeth and have the fit checked by your dentist. If it doesn’t fit properly, the staff from the denture clinic will request a re-work or adjustment. If you don’t have any issues, they will send you home with instructions on what to do in case of problems such as painful sensations or general discomfort.  

Future adjustments to your dentures
 You should remember that even great-fitting dentures are bound to get misaligned after a few months or years following your initial fitting, and this often may require relining. Going to a new dentist every time you need to adjust your dentures might not be ideal, as the new dentist will require you to undergo the same process. For this reason, you’d need to choose your dentist wisely and do the legwork instead of relying on the results from the ‘best denture clinic near me‘ search.    


Losing your teeth is irreversible, but dentures exist to help overcome the functional and cosmetic problems brought about by this problem. Getting dentures may be a multi-step process, but it’s not as difficult as some think. As long as you’re getting your dentures from a trusted Sydney denture clinic, you should have a good set that looks as good as your natural teeth.


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